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We compile list of good stocks keeping in mind the intrinsic value of psx stocks and dividend payouts. The list is updated every week. Some of the fundamentally good stocks of psx are listed below

NameP/E RatioDividend Yield (%)Price to Book (MRQ)5 Year EPS Growth
MCB Bank10.177.56%1.482.74%
United Bank8.637.20%1.3713.34%
Engro Corporation2.228.04%1.1356.40%
Pakistan State Oil Company6.115.89%1.0715.01%
Allied Bank7.558.69%0.917.47%
Standard Chartered Bank Pakistan9.478.44%1.5420.35%
Engro Fertilizers8.5611.92%2.1210.45%
Bestway Cement6.648.11%1.8529.59%
Fatima Fertilizer Company7.548.41%1.0621.20%
D G Khan Cement Company7.035.25%0.8114.01%
KOT Addu Power Company6.2813.61%1.699.24%
Dawood Hercules Corporation2.2312.36%1.0854.62%
Attock Petroleum9.867.06%2.835.16%
Maple Leaf Cement Factory8.175.27%1.5464.62%
Habib Metropolitan Bank6.169.09%0.8913.25%
Kohat Cement Company6.529.60%1.3916.38%
Adamjee Insurance Company6.566.94%1.1970.83%
Attock Cement Pakistan6.757.78%1.5816.13%
Kohinoor Textile Mills4.175.61%0.7328.40%
Arif Habib Corporation5.038.47%0.705.14%
Nishat Power4.707.50%0.967.22%
Pioneer Cement5.358.86%1.1837.14%
Nishat Chunian Power4.266.82%1.338.39%
Security Papers7.906.40%1.7819.92%
Cherat Packaging8.215.07%1.5647.96%
Habib Sugar Mills8.426.92%0.841.79%
ORIX Leasing Pakistan Ltd4.507.56%0.8332.40%
Fecto Cement Ltd3.778.72%0.6417.02%
Ittehad Chemicals9.345.45%0.575.22%
MCB-Arif Habib Savings & Invest8.5113.08%1.146.94%
Faran Sugar Mills10.277.72%0.9115.55%
Dynea Pakistan6.885.00%1.3511.45%
Bolan Casting Ltd9.945.15%1.8715.97%
ORIX Modaraba5.9813.50%0.8114.86%
Al Noor Sugar Mills8.409.30%0.5910.24%
BRR Guardian Modaraba4.1112.56%0.5342.10%

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