Islamic way of trading PSX

admin/ November 13, 2017

For PSX specific stocks make sure the. Below points

1. Stock should be permissable/ halal. Select stock from kmi (Karachi Meezan index) index.

2. Company shouldn’t have massive loan. If you select stock from kmi, it should be ok.

3. Only sell once you get email/SMS from the authority that stock is transferred in your account (usually takes 2 days)

4. After selling stock, do some sadka (purification) on profit. Purification factor is mentioned against each stock in kmi list. It’s very minimal. Now a days every company has some loan. So buy paying purification amount on profit, the profit is purified. Purification factor is bigger for companies which have more loan. Meezan bank site lists all Islamic shares with purification factor.

Below site lists all Islamic Stocks of psx (KMI All Stock)

Only Allah knows better!