Property and auto assemblers the biggest benificiers of new finance bill

admin/ September 21, 2018

Unfortunately, the amedements have been u-turned/imranized. Now, only overseas pakistani can benefit from it.

PTI government just annouced a new finance bill. The biggest annoucement for investors is that tax non-filers are again allowed to buy unlimited property and cars.

This will have positive impact on property and auto sector. We have seen a sudden price jump in stagnant properties as well as auto stocks. After the finance bill annoucement most of the auto stocks are hitting upper locks. The trend will continue for the next week, hence picking good auto stocks for swing trade will yield good returns in a week’s time.

Investors should also focus stagnant properties particular DHA, Bahria Lahore and Islamabad/Pindi, Lake City Lahore, Park View City Islamabad and Gwadar government projects.

And yes this is a financial advice post 🙂