Psx buying time starts now

admin/ October 8, 2018


Reasons why its the time for investment in psx

  • PE of psx is 6.8x compared to average 12.1 PE of other emerging markets
  • Government took the much awaited IMF bailout decision
  • Rupee depriciated enough. Though, it may settle somewhere around 150
  • Prices of stocks dropped but companies still not increarsed product prices.  Once companies passes on the ruppe derpriciation impact to consumers, the prices of stock will increase.
  • Security condition of pakistan is much better
  • CPEC projects will start delivering soon
  • Overseas pakistani will invest now as they like current government
  • Good time for long term investment as market has almost crashed due to panic

Don’t panic and gradually start investing. Market should not go under 35000. Even if it does, markets are bond to recover.

Look at this old data


Sectors to focus

  • All export oriented including food
  • Textile
  • Technology
  • Banks
  • Oil and gas exploration
  • Power

We recommend investing in KMI 30 scrips.

Happy investing!