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Psx buying time starts now

  Reasons why its the time for investment in psx PE of psx is 6.8x compared to average 12.1 PE of other emerging markets Government took the much awaited IMF bailout decision Rupee depriciated enough. Though, it may settle somewhere around 150 Prices of stocks dropped but companies still not increarsed product prices.  Once companies […]

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Why psx is going down after new goverment

For all those being too optimistic about the PSX rally, let me clarify a few points: 1. Task Force created to curb money laundering and counter terror financing will investigate PSX brokers, their client’s records and that of their beneficiaries will bring into accountability many brokerage houses and this will create panic selling. This move […]

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Causes of big losses in stocks

Causes of big losses in stocks 1) Lack of basic knowledge, education about stock investing, markets, economy. Buying on tips/hearsay (from strangers & self proclaimed gurus). 2) Inability to scrutinize a company’s present financial health (financial statements) and evolvy some idea about co. future (including competitors). 3) Rigidity/stubborness to EXIT even when proven wrong. 4) […]

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When Market Is Bearish

For those investors who are taking big losses !! Real learning is always through hard way. There is no short cut to it. Tough times teach so much for life which good times can never do. Those who are loosing money in the market should contemplate on their mistakes. Buying shitty stocks without any knowledge […]

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