Tag: Tax impact on real estate

Property and auto assemblers the biggest benificiers of new finance bill

Unfortunately, the amedements have been u-turned/imranized. Now, only overseas pakistani can benefit from it. PTI government just annouced a new finance bill. The biggest annoucement for investors is that tax non-filers are again allowed to buy unlimited property and cars. This will have positive impact on property and auto sector. We have seen a sudden […]

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Only Tax Filers can buy cars and properties

Starting July 1, only 1.2 million people will be eligible to buy cars and proerties worth more than 5 million. As reported by pkrevenue, the federal government in the budget 2018/2019 announced various measures to document the economy through restricting non-filers of tax returns. The government through Finance Act, 2014 introduced higher withholding tax rates […]

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